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Cancer Biotherapy and Radiopharmaceuticals provides peer-reviewed research on cutting-edge therapeutic investigations and advancements in radioimmunotherapy for treating cancer. It is the only journal with the specific focus of cancer biotherapy and is inclusive of monoclonal antibodies, cytokine therapy, cancer gene therapy, cell-based therapies, and other forms of immunotherapies. The Journal includes extensive reporting on advancements in radioimmunotherapy, and the use of radiopharmaceuticals and radiolabeled peptides for the development of new cancer treatments.


The American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy (AJHP) is the official publication of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). It publishes peer-reviewed scientific papers on contemporary drug therapy and pharmacy practice innovations in hospitals and health systems. With a circulation of more than 43,000, AJHP is the most widely recognized and respected clinical pharmacy journal in the world.


Alcohol is an international, peer-reviewed journal that is devoted to publishing multi-disciplinary biomedical research on all aspects of the actions or effects of alcohol on the nervous system or on other organ systems. Emphasis is given to studies into the causes and consequences of alcohol abuse and alcoholism, and biomedical aspects of diagnosis, etiology, treatment or prevention of alcohol-related health effects.


Xenobiotica covers seven main areas, including:

General Xenobiochemistry, including in vitro studies concerned with the metabolism, disposition and excretion of drugs, and other xenobiotics, as well as the structure, function and regulation of associated enzymes

Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism, covering the pharmacokinetics and absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of drugs and other xenobiotics in man


Toxicon has an open access mirror Toxicon: X, sharing the same aims and scope, editorial team, submission system and rigorous peer review. An introductory offer Toxicon: X - full waiver of the Open Access fee.

Toxicon's "aims and scope" are to publish:

articles containing the results of original research on problems related to toxins derived from animals, plants and microorganisms

papers on novel findings related to the chemical, pharmacological, toxicological, and immunological properties of natural toxins


Thérapie is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to Clinical Pharmacology, Therapeutics, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacovigilance, Addictovigilance, Social Pharmacology, Pharmacoepidemiology, Pharmacoeconomics and Evidence-Based-Medicine.


Therapeutic Drug Monitoring is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal directed to an audience of pharmacologists, clinical chemists, laboratorians, pharmacists, drug researchers and toxicologists. It fosters the exchange of knowledge among the various disciplines–clinical pharmacology, pathology, toxicology, analytical chemistry–that share a common interest in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring. The journal presents studies detailing the various factors that affect the rate and extent drugs are absorbed, metabolized, and excreted.