A highly respected, multidisciplinary journal, International Psychogeriatrics publishes high quality original research papers in the field of psychogeriatrics. The journal aims to be the leading peer reviewed journal dealing with all aspects of the mental health of older people throughout the world. Circulated to over 1,000 members of the International Psychogeriatric Association, International Psychogeriatrics also features important editorials, provocative debates, literature reviews, book reviews and letters to the editor.


Comprehensive Psychiatry is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that publishes on all aspects of psychiatry and mental health. The mission of this journal is to disseminate cutting edge knowledge in order to improve patient care and advance the understanding of mental illness. With the support of an expanded international team of editors and peer reviewers, we aim to publish high quality papers with a particular emphasis on the clinical implications of the work including the improved understanding of psychopathology.


Acta Neuropsychiatrica is an international journal focussing on translational neuropsychiatry. It publishes high-quality original research papers and reviews. The Journal's scope specifically highlights the pathway from discovery to clinical applications, healthcare and global health that can be viewed broadly as the spectrum of work that marks the pathway from discovery to global health.


The journal addiction therapy is the forum for all who are active in the areas of addiction prevention, addiction treatment and addiction research. All contributions are selected and prepared in such a way that they are attractive for the various specialist disciplines - regardless of whether they are psychotherapists, doctors, psychologists, social workers or social educators in outpatient and inpatient facilities of addiction care, whether scientists in the field of addiction research or whether family doctor or internist.


For nearly 50 years, Substance Use & Misuse (formerly The International Journal of the Addictions) has provided a unique international multidisciplinary venue for the exchange of research, theories, viewpoints, and unresolved issues concerning substance use and misuse (licit and illicit drugs, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and eating disorders). Substance Use & Misuse features original, peer-reviewed articles, notes, and book reviews, as well as special issues devoted to single topics.


Stress & Health provides an international forum for disseminating cutting-edge theoretical and empirical research that significantly advances understanding of the relationship between stress and health and well-being in humans. Despite the prevalence of stress in society, scientific conceptualizations of stress are less than 100 years old and there is much yet to learn regarding the causes, nature, and outcomes of stress, as well as the mechanisms for coping with such stress.


Psychosomatics has been dedicated to helping its readers achieve excellence in the clinical care of patients with medical and psychiatric comorbidity. With the recent certification of psychosomatic medicine as a recognized subspecialty by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, more readers are turning to the pages of Psychosomatics for its peer-reviewed articles and research reports on everything from the latest advances in drug therapy to psychosocial treatments for medical disorders.


Psychopathology is a record of research centered on findings, concepts, and diagnostic categories of phenomenological, experimental and clinical psychopathology. Studies published are designed to improve and deepen the knowledge and understanding of the pathogenesis and nature of psychopathological symptoms and psychological dysfunctions. Furthermore, the validity of concepts applied in the neurosciences of mental functions are evaluated in order to closely bring together mind and brain.


Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory Research and Practice (formerly The British Journal of Medical Psychology) is an international scientific journal with a focus on the psychological and social processes that underlie the development and improvement of psychological problems and mental wellbeing, including: • theoretical and research development in the understanding of cognitive and emotional factors in psychological problems; • behaviour and relationships; vulnerability to, adjustment to, assessment of, and recovery (assisted or otherwise) from psychological distresses


Psychogeriatrics, an official bimonthly journal of the Japanese Psychogeriatric Society, publishes a wide range of psychogeriatric research from human and animal experimental studies to papers on gerontopsychiatric, neurobiological, genetic, diagnostic, social-psychiatric, and health-policy issues.