Our service package is to help you gain more in different ways.

  1. Multi-journal selection and submission
  • Provide support in your submission to three (3) journals from the CN1699 platform.

* In some cases, if your first attempt to submit paper if not successful, we can assist you to find journals that match your topic.

  1. Assist in communication with journal publisher
  2. Assist in smooth paper publishing to journals
  • We assist full experience on communication with our publishing partners.
  1. Recommend authors to be guest speaker to get more attention and exposure
  • We will help you to be a speaker in multi medical conferences globally, online and offline, when you become a professional member of CN1699.
  1. Make published papers get higher citation value
  • Author could post the article and papers as a personal list with title and description as access, this action will support Google rank and share more to media platforms.

Additional services (not included in basic package):

  • Match your paper projects to Chinese and global investors via CN1699 conference


  1. Basic CN1699 service package fee
  2. Additional service fee (this fee will be applied and generated by the author separately, and authors who have not applied will not be asked whether to provide additional services)
  3. Pre-review fee
  4. Publisher’s publishing fee (some publishers have given discounts for CN1699 members, but this does not mean that all publishers support it, some are free or as low as negligible)
  5. Printing fee (this is charged separately by the publisher)
  • Production books will have international ISSN, if authors need this extra service please contact customer service staff online or email.


Our assistant work will shorten the time for publishing your paper, and the foreign customer service is online and has sufficient communication experience;

The process includes several parts:

1. After submission to the journal, the editor will first review the name and description of the file to determine the scope of the file to match the journal (within one week);

*Please pay attention to your author's email address;

2. Communication and REVIEW, the period needed to modify the file;

3. After the paper is approved for publication, wait for the scheduled date, refer to the normal publication cycle of the journal;

  • Important or special reasons that may affect the publication time of papers:

a. Release period (days);

b. The higher quality of the article can help reduce the communication time;

c. The publication of special and unique reports may be processed faster, such as COV-19 case. *We do not recommend using the time of such articles as a reference for the calculation of regular publication time.